Workforce Management

Easily get Availability Standby Staff Shift status

Managing shifts and staff has never been easier.

Get Availability

While a lot of apps let you know availability, your white label platform will also recommend staff for a given job. It scans from previous experience, seniority, personality, and other attributes to find a perfect match for a job.

Schedule with Confidence

Easily assign a staff to the shift with one click. Once assigned the platform takes care of everything, including making sure that staff gets to the job and checks in.


Fall in love again

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a fortune 500 company, Wolf adapts to the complexity or simplicity of your existing operations.

Ratings & Reviews

Automatically collect ratings and feedback from clients or supervisors after shifts. The platform automatically uses this data for future recommendations.

Check-ins & Timesheets

Bye, bye paper time sheets, and hello to knowing your staff have made it to the event onsite and on time. Your platform alerts you about potential no-shows and starts finding replacements.

Billing & Payments

Pay staff directly. No more paper checks or hours determining outstanding balances. Automatically charge credit cards and create invoices for clients.

Interview Scheduler

Enter available slots for interviews every week. Would you like to interview a candidate? Just click invite. Your platform will reach out to schedule them for the next available date and will remind them at right time.

Reconfirmations & Assistant

Your platform works like an assistant. It reconfirms and identifies potential no show, proactively getting stand-by staff in case of a no-show.

Feature Marketplace

It's your platform make it yours. We completely customize it for you. Need to add or remove some feature? Visit our marketplace to do that just with a click.

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Your platform is packed with features to increase revenue, reduce costs, and give you a unique competitive advantage

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Free Onboarding and Live Support

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